Semiannual Dinner

Semiannual Dinner

Semiannual Dinner

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In November, we had our Semiannual Dinner event! We invited Lisa Bearnson to be our keynote speaker, and also had a panel of several professionals to answer some of our club members’ questions. We also invited women from throughout the local business community to join us for dinner to provide our members with a great networking and information resource. And we even were featured in the Daily Universe! Check out the article here.

We started off the event with a delicious dinner catered by Landmark Catering. This was a GREAT opportunity for all of us to meet and get to know the guests at our tables. The women in attendance were from all different areas of business throughout the community. We were able to seek mentoring advice as well as do a bit of networking over the meal.

Lisa Bearnson

We then heard from our keynote speaker, Lisa Bearnson. She is the founder of the very successful scrapbooking magazine, Creating Keepsakes. She has been featured in “People Magazine”, and has appeared on “The Today Show” and “The Oprah Winfrey Show”. She is also the author of several books, and had a show on QVC for 11 years! She centered her remarks to us around raindrops. She shared several stories where she was able to learn valuable life lessons through rain. She said that she has had many blessings in her life, and has learned to be grateful for them all. They are her “raindrops”. Lisa also shared an experience she had once when she lost her wallet that I think we all learned from.

“No matter what is happening in your life, you think, ‘how happy I would be if only I could find my wallet. I’d be happy forever.’ When you find it, you’re happy for about two minutes. Then you’re right back where you started. Far too often, it takes a catastrophe to make us appreciate what we had. For that reason, we must appreciate what we had while we had it.”

What great advice! She advised us all to start keeping a gratitude journal if we aren’t already. Through all of her ups and downs in life, she has kept with this habit, and shared with us that it has created so many positive experiences in her life by reminding her what she is grateful for.

Sarah Hexburg then spoke to us briefly about internship opportunities available for us at Goldman Sachs. These internships offer opportunities to network with professionals, gain real world experience, participate in mentoring programs, and they even can provide full-time job offers! To learn more, click here to be linked to their careers website.


We then had our panel with 5 women from throughout the business community. Lisa joined us again for that, as well as Thamina Christensen – Marketing Manager at Domo, Andrea Moss – President and CEO at American Express Centurion Bank, Danielle Pallin – VP and Human Capital Management at Goldman Sachs, and Meghan Reimann – Project Manager at Adobe. This panel answered several questions that were collected throughout the evening from our club members. They had some great advice for us as we begin our careers, and I’d like to outline that below:

How do we balance our life with work? Perform well and let people know what is important to you. If you are a good worker, the company will work with you because they want you around!

How do we get good work experience for internships? Find work related strengths in your every-day life. Use examples from group situations and time-crunch projects. Also go to career fairs and network network network!

What is some advice for us as we start our careers? Don’t doubt your ability to be great. Have confidence! If you don’t feel like you have it, fake it ’till you make it. And keep the Lord your top priority.


I just want to throw out a quick congratulations to Rosie Liddle, who was the winner of our mission statement contest. Our new club mission statement is this:


LIVE Your Best
Learn, Interact, Value, Excel
Learn essential life skills
Interact with other women
Value the pursuit of your dream
Excel in your life’s work

Congrats, Rosie!


Thanks to all of the professionals who attended this event, and to our sponsors for helping make this a success! Thanks to Landmark Catering for a wonderful dinner, and for the leaders of the club who helped make this event happen. Good luck in the last couple of weeks of the semester!

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