Opening Social

Opening Social

Opening Social

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In September we had our beginning of the year Opening Social! Mary Crafts, of Culinary Crafts, was our guest speaker that night, and had some great information and advice for all of us (check out the pictures below!). The event was a great opportunity to let everyone know what the Women in Business club is all about. It was a HUGE success, with over 200 women in attendance! Gary Cornia, Dean of the Marriott School, even came and said a few words to us.  And the event was featured in the Daily Universe. (To see that article, click here.)


This club provides GREAT opportunities for women to meet fellow classmates and professionals in the business community. Katherine Ashby Poulter, President of the club, did a great job letting all the women know what the club is all about and how to join. If you want to know more about joining our club, click here.


As I said, Mary Crafts – owner of the very successful Culinary Crafts catering business – spoke to us about her experiences in her life that brought her to where she is today. I was incredibly inspired by her story, and I bet everyone else who heard her speak would say the same. She had great advice on what to remember as we continue through school, mainly to PREPARE! You never know what adventures life will throw at you down the road!


After the program, we had the AWFUL WAFFLE cater for us. Don’t those crepes look tasty?! During dessert, we all had a chance to network with each other and experience exactly what this club is all about. If you didn’t get a chance to meet everyone in the club leadership, get to know us by clicking here, and feel free to contact us with any questions as well!


Check back in soon to see more great stories about what the club is doing!



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