We have some wonderful ladies who work behind the scenes to make the WIB Club what it is today. We are so grateful to our presidents and the rest of the leadership team who are so committed to delivering the best resources, opportunities, and fun social events that this club can offer!



Our Presidents
Co-President over Operations: Renae Rockwood 
Co-President over Events: Macie Briggs
Events Team
Anna Hu (VP), Kelley Schauber (VP), Daphne Armstrong, Mahina Bantilan, Michelle Blasini, Kylie Horne, Sabrina Weiler, Reganne Berry (Graphic Designer),
Miranda Dennet (Graphic Designer)
Brand Management Team
Hayley Bell (VP), Misha Putnam, Lin Luo, Bet Andersen
Communications Team
Becca Daun (VP), Chrystal Begay, Stephanie Dutson, Sarah Reed (Photographer)
Technology Team
Christina Corbitt (VP), Jerika Ostler, Mary Rose McQueen
Mentoring Team
Heidi Empey (VP), Cassidy Crook, Hailey Blackwell, Clorisa Gagnon

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