• Strengthening Your Resume
    Strengthening Your Resume
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    One of the most important parts about getting a good job is having a strong resume. posted a video and it’s transcript explaining the top five mistakes  people make on resumes. Underestimating the difficulty of writing a strong resume. It’s not easy; it takes time. Devote the time you need to get the resume…

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  • Your Happily Ever After
    Your Happily Ever After
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    Elder Deiter F. Uchtdorf gave a talk to the young women in the April 2010 about finding “happily ever after.” He speaks about becoming the person you need and want to become in order to find eternal happiness. Enduring Adversity is a part of the journey to happily ever after. He emphasizes the importance of…

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  • Dress for Success with Qualtrics
    Dress for Success with Qualtrics
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    Wednesday, February 6, members of both Women in Business and Women in Management clubs met at the Qualtrics offices for a fun night of speakers, networking, and dinner. Each of the speakers did a fantastic job and had valuable knowledge to share. Our first speaker was Alicia Richmond, fashion expert and alumni of BYU. Alicia…

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  • Women Entrepreneurs – Not the Exception
    Women Entrepreneurs – Not the Exception
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    Women make up 50 percent of the population and own 40 to 50 percent of businesses in the developed world… so why are women entrepreneurs seen as the exception instead of an example? Watch Gayle Tzemach Lemmon’s video where she explains the limitations of micro-loans and the need to look beyond “micro-hopes” and “micro-ambitions” for…

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  • Why Women Should be Leaders
    Why Women Should be Leaders
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    Why are women essential to business teams? Why do they make such great business leaders? Online MBA posted a short video that talks about three specific reasons: communication, initiative, and emotional intelligence. With our competitive edge in these three areas, we should understand that we add tremendous value to a business. Click here to watch the…

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  • The Importance of Internships
    The Importance of Internships
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    The height of recruiting season is upon us, and it is important to have your eye on the prize when it comes to internships. A top internship is not always easy to obtain, but can lead to your goal career position after graduation. Recruiters are looking for top students who not only understand the technicalities…

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  • Winter Opening Social
    Winter Opening Social
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    On Tuesday, January 15, we hosted our Winter Opening Social. We were honored to hear from Cathy Chamberlain, the Vice President of Deseret Book. Her words were clearly inspired and the message she delivered left the audience feeling edified and motivated. She spoke on “Finding Our Passions”, and on how we can target and magnify…

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  • Feeling Stressed?
    Feeling Stressed?
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    Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson at Columbia University Business School recommends nine stress-managing approaches used by successful professionals: Have self-compassion Remember the “Big Picture” Rely on routines Take five (or ten) minutes to do something you find interesting Add where and when to your to-do list Use if-thens for positive self-talk See your work in terms…

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  • Service Activity
    Service Activity
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    Thanks to those who requested that we do a service activity!  We took your advice, and the result was fantastic! On December 5, we gathered to do a Christmas service project.  We tied soft, fleece blankets for Sub-4-Santa, ate sandwiches and treats, and played a Christmas song-guessing game.  It was a fun way to spend…

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  • Christmas Time
    Christmas Time
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    The holidays are often a time of celebration and excitement, but they can also be a very painful time for some. Christmas is a time to turn to The Savior. One woman recounts her experience about an unexpected trial and an unexpected gift she received one Christmas. To watch her story, click here. Merry Christmas…

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