Etiquette Dinner

Etiquette Dinner

Etiquette Dinner

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We were very privileged recently to have a wonderful Etiquette Dinner for our club members that was sponsored by Deloitte. We learned all about the do’s and don’ts of dining out, especially at recruiting and career related dinners, as well as some helpful advice as we pursue a career in business. Becca Haynie, head Deloitte campus recruiter at BYU, had some GREAT advice for us all on some good etiquette tips.

Becca Haynie

Her main point: First impressions are EVERYTHING. So make it count! And always remember that recruiting meals are NOT about the food. It is to make connections and have good conversation.

We then heard from Ashley Porter, who works here at BYU. She taught us a little more about how to make a great impression, especially after an interview. Her key point was to ALWAYS send thank you notes! They don’t have to be handwritten – a short simple email will do, and in some cases is preferred. Remember to throw in something unique to your conversation with the interviewer as well so that they remember who you are.

Craig Merrill

We then heard from Craig Merrill, director of the BYU MBA program, and Nicole Jensen, a 2nd year MBA. They had some valuable advice for us as women whether we choose to pursue the MBA route or not. Dr. Merrill reminded us that there are always opportunities for us to shine in whatever position we are in. So, step up and make that moment yours! He also presented us with an AMAZING resource for those who want to learn more about an MBA – the BYU MBA Academy. Click here to learn more about it and to have any of your questions answered. Nicole, a current MBA student, also spoke and urged us to remember that an MBA is a valuable asset to people from all walks of life. It is a great opportunity to change and grow with people who want you to succeed.

Stacie King

Finally, we heard from Stacie King, Partner at Deloitte in Los Angeles. She gave us eight tips on developing valuable relationships. Her advice was so good that I will just include her list here!

1. Be yourself

2. Treat people equally

3. Be cautious of office politics

4. Be friendly

5. Be thoughtful

6. Be self aware

7. Enjoy your work

8. Add value

And how can I forget the AMAZING food we had as well? It was a full catered dinner by Marvellous Catering where we were able to practice the etiquette tips we had just learned! A special thanks to Lily and Heather for putting so much work into making this event a huge success, to all of our sponsors, and to Deloitte for all the great advice they gave to us that night! Check out some more pictures below of this fun evening!


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